Grant Ice makers incorporate a wide range of World class components, combined together to create a new generation in Ice making equipment.
Our American designed control system, and our high grade Alloys used in manufacturing a truly reliable, and energy efficient product.
Our Ice is produced at – 9 degrees, from a static vertical evaporator, completely sealed, with minimum maintenance required for the lifetime of the machine.
At present, Grant Ice International machines have been used in a wide variety of applications, some of these applications include:
  • Seafood
  • Meat Processing
  • Poultry
  • Supermarket
  • Chemical
  • Mining

G-SC Series Granular Ice Machine

G.SC (Granular Self Contained storage bin)
Available in 70kgs -100kgs -130 kgs – 350kgs capacities
Ideally suited for small fish display’s and storage of products.
High production small compact storage for limited space.

G-M Series Granular Ice Machine

G.M Series (Granular Modular without storage bin)
Available in 350kgs – 550kgs – 700kgs – 1100 kgs capacities
The G M Series is most commonly used in Fish, Meat, and Poultry presentation, and is suited for Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants, and similar Industries where the demand for continous granular Ice is required.

FF-AR Series Flake Ice Machine

FF-AR ( Freon Flake Air cooled with refrigeration)
Available from 400kgs /24 hrs – 3000kgs capacities
The FF-AR series are a packaged modular Ice maker complete with refrigeration plant, control system, and is ready to plug – in and produce flat flake Ice (approx 2mm thick) at an average temperature of -9 degrees.
All our Ice makers are controlled by a P.C Board, which monitors the operation of all components including water level, incoming power stability, high condenser temperatures, low pressures, in fact any abnormalities that may occur, and prevent any serious damage to the machine.

FF-AS Series Flake Ice Machine

FF-AS Series (Freon Flake with Refrigeration, not including air cooled condenser)
Available in 5Tons, 10 Tons, and 15 Tons capacities
The FF-AS Series comes complete with all refrigeration equipment, controls, except air cooled condenser, which can be easily soursed from a reputable dealer or refrigeration wholesaler.
Once the condenser is connected, the machines can be commissioned, and operational for many years of reliable service.

FF-E Series Freon Flake Ice Making Systems

FF-E Series (Freon Flake Evaporator, no refrigeration included)
Available in 1 Ton, 1.2 Ton, 1.5Ton, 2 Ton, 2.4 ton, 3 ton,5 ton, 10 ton, 15 ton, 20ton 30 ton, 40 ton 50 ton.
The FF-E Series is suited to those Contractors that may wish to combine a single, or muntiple evaporators together, operating on a common refrigeration plant.
The E series comes complete with control system, water pump, and gear motor assembly. This offers a choice for the Customer to use their preferred refrigeration equipment.

FF-WR Series Flake Ice Machine

FF-WR Series ( Freon Flake Water Cooled with refrigeration)
Available in 10 Ton 15 Ton 20 Ton 25 Ton 30 Ton 35 ton 40 Tons 45 Tons 50 Tons
The FF-WR Series is a compact high production unit, complete with water cooled condensers, ready to be installed, and commissioned.

AF-E Series Ammonia Flake Ice Making Systems

AF-E Series (Ammonia Flake Evaporator)
Available in 5 Ton, 10 Ton, 15 Ton, 20 Ton, 25Ton, 30 Ton, 35 Ton, 40 Ton 50ton
The AF-E Series is designed for use in Ammonia plants (NH3) and comes complete with control system, water reservoir, pump, and Gearmotor assembly.
The machines are built to exacting standards, and are X ray tested, before the final certification is applied at our production facility.

Ice Storage System

Grant automatic ice storage & delivery system is the accessory system of Grant ice system. It is composed of power ice storage bin, automatic ice delivery device and automatic weighing device. The ice reserve capacity of the system is 50 tons to 200 tons. And the ice delivery capacity is 5 tons per hour to 25 tons per hour. The system can be designed and manufactured with client's requirements to satisfy the constant increasing needs of industrial ice and fishery ice.
Grant Ice can also supply salt water ice makers for fishing trawlers, Ozoneted Ice, and Liquid Ice Systems.

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